The Best Health Tips from Doctors around the World


If you have read a lot of articles about health tips, it can be assumed that you probably worry about your health and want the best for you and your family. Regardless, there are some tips that almost seem like they go without saying. Below are a few tips that everyone agrees should be followed quite diligently.

Get Enough Sleep

Recent research has shown that people, all over the world, are now sleeping a lot less than they used to. It has also shown that sleep patterns are becoming more and more irregular. This is very worrisome because sleep is almost as important as food. Adults need to get between 7-9 hours of sleep daily for the body and brain to function optimally. Good sleep is linked to good concentration and general all round productiveness. Also, people who don’t sleep well are at a higher risk of suffering from obesity, heart disease and even depression. No matter how busy you are, you need sleep to function properly. Remember you can only function properly, when you are well rested.

Make Breakfast Mandatory. Don’t Miss It

It is very easy for students and workers to get so caught up in their work that they don’t have time for breakfast. However, skipping breakfast could slow you down and make you a lot less productive. This is because, when you wake up in the morning, the blood sugar level in the body is low. Breakfast is the easiest way to increase your blood sugar level for better performance of your brain and even muscles. If you skip breakfast your body doesn’t get the energy that it needs and it is very possible that you would feel spent very quickly in the day. You don’t have to eat too heavy so breakfast, plan a light meal but make sure its healthy.

Drink Water

Water is very important. It is probably the most important food form that the body requires. Doctors believe that a person can go up to three weeks without any food. However, with water, three weeks is extremely generous. This is because most people would not last more than four or five days if they do not drink water. 60% of your body is made up water. This gives some idea of how important water is in the body. Dehydration should be avoided at all costs because it has a direct effect on the functions of the brain. It is also worthy of note that drinking water helps to prevent kidney stones because the stones in the kidney are simply clumps of crystallized minerals. When you drink a good quantity of water and it passes through the kidney, it helps to water down these minerals which greatly reduces the possibility of a clump is greatly reduced.

Lose the Carbs

A general rule regarding carbs is to avoid foods that are white. This is because foods like that (junk food made of flour, rice, etc.) usually consist of a lot of carbs and eating carbs can be quite bad for you. Even though carbohydrates can be good for you, they are only good in small, reasonable quantities. Too much carbs lead to unnecessary weight gain as all the extras are kept in the body as body fat. It could also lead to diabetes as it can increase the sugar levels in the blood. There are also a few vascular diseases that can be avoided when carbs are reduced.

Exercise/Physical Activity

This doesn’t exactly have to mean that you should spend hours on end at the gym. Even though going to the gym is a good idea, sometimes, you can do a bit more by taking a walk or jogging regularly. Exercise carries oxygen to your tissues and also improves your muscle integrity which in turn gives you more strength and endurance. It would do a lot of good to try to get about 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Jogging, walking or even skipping can do you a lot of good.

There are a lot more tips that don’t contradict each other that many health practitioners agree on. Apart from the few mentioned above, please feel free to find out more. Take your health seriously. It prolongs life.