Leading Tech Companies and How They Got There



One should always look inwards for inspiration, however sometimes inspiration from other people and their stories helps a lot.

There are countless influential tech companies operating around the world today. Most of them employ a large workforce and rave in large sums of profits. Most of them didn’t start that big. On the contrary, they were quite small in the beginning and had to fight through several tough obstacles in order to get through their initial period. If they had given up, they would never have achieved the massive success that they did, and here are some narrations on how they got there.

  1. Google

Google might be a humungous company today, but it was quite different when it started. It was founded by two Stanford students who met each other during a campus trip in 1997. When it began to take off, they rented a garage space in San Francisco to initially run the company which later came to be known as Google. They might have not started from much, but certainly built something that few other companies can match.

  1. Amazon

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. It started from Jeff’s idea of an online library, and this was quite early in the Internet days. The business immediately took off, and he was making about 20 thousand dollars per week by selling books in America and almost 50 other countries in about a year of operation. Afterwards, Amazon started selling products other than books such as electronics, clothing, CDs and more. The company is only expected to grow larger despite its enormity today.

  1. Apple

Apple, too, was founded by two college kids (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak). Both, though studying in prestigious institutes, dropped out of their respective colleges to pursue Apple. However, they operated just out of a garage, and the only quality that they had which led to their business success was catering to a demand not previously fulfilled, and by doing that well.

  1. Dell

Michael Dell founded this giant in 1984 while studying at University of Austin. It all started in his dorm room when he had an idea of selling computers directly to customers built with stock components. Early on, he sold the units face-to-face so as to get a better customer feedback. Later on, he dropped out of college to fully pursue his passion of running the company.

Dell was the major personal computer retailer during the 90s and 2000s and still has a rake for being the manufacturer of some of the most reliable and trustworthy laptops and electronics.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox was conceived on a bus by Drew Houston. He had quite a trouble storing and transferring files using his USB devices, so he thought of a solution through cloud storage. It was a relatively new idea, and Houston implemented it in due time so as to make Dropbox one of the giants in the cloud storage market.

While, these success stories may seem like an over-night, or lucky, the truth of the matter is that most of it is just sheer persistence and determination. Of course, luck does play a minor part, but no matter how wretched your situation, if you are resolute enough, you will eventually find success.