How to Organize Your Office and Keep it that Way


The office is the place intended for work, and whether it is technical or creative, it must always offer conditions for people to develop their tasks with comfort and ease to express their creative and management capacity.

Your office can be located inside a company building or even in your home. The important thing is that it must always offer optimal conditions so that you give the best of you with enthusiasm. That means having the resources with which to perform tasks efficiently and have comfort conditions that allow a performance without distractions that respects mental and physical well-being.

Organizing your office or workspace is a difficult task, and keeping it that way is even more complicated. But the truth is that it translates into greater personal productivity and professional effectiveness, without counting that you will be in a better mood. To achieve this, here are some recommendations:

First tip: do not forget to clean

A desk full of untidy papers and remains of useless materials invites the lack of control. File the papers and materials that you already used, group the earrings and get rid of everything that is unnecessary. Remember, less is more, so consider reducing the number of things you leave on your desk.

Most people have at their desk their computer or laptop, mobile phone, pen and some family portraits. On top of this, the current documents, the earrings, the coffee cup and lunch. Forget about having so many things on the desk: leave only the most important for your work’s productivity.

Consider integrating tools that help you organize

For example, a simple board where you can write down reminders of pending work and important references. Store the tools you do not use often in a file cabinet, organize your documents by topics and place them in folders. The more you organize your documents, the easier it will be to find them. Also, it would be useful for you to acquire a calendar that allows you to keep an agenda of the things you must do, including one day a week dedicated to organizing your workspace.

Encode your files by color to find them more easily

Although people today live in the digital era, it is impossible to completely discard the printed material, which is messier and definitely takes much longer to organize. But organizing these documents by color will allow you to have a better capacity of association and visibility to find those documents that sometimes get lost and turn out to be important. If you work with more than one person, respect and advice to keep the place of each person organized.

Accommodate your desk at the end of the day, and especially at the end of the week.

This should be a golden rule, which should have an important place on your to-do list. Organizing your desktop properly requires time and dedication, but if you do it constantly you can start a new week with a clean desk and you will save time and effort.