Hijack the Holidays: How to Make Your Calendar Your Top Marketing Tool



Holidays are the time when most businesses go on a hiatus or semi-hiatus. Even if they are open, most business owners lax on the effort they are putting into the business. If you are ambitious, then this can be high time for you to double down on your efforts and get an edge on your competitors.

In doing this, a calendar can be a valuable tool and could be helpful in various ways in your marketing strategy. Following are some ways in which you can make that happen:

1) Trial and Error

Marketing, unlike sciences isn’t a concrete formula that one can apply to every business and circumstance in order to get the same exact results. Marketing is a complex field and one can only figure out the optimum marketing strategies and methods by applying trial and error with different efforts.

A marketing calendar will allow you to figure out what works. If you have a layout of what marketing strategy brought which results, then you can easily find patterns. Maybe a certain day or time is quite valuable in which your user engagement is maximum. Maybe your Facebook followers really engage with videos and Instagram with images. Then, you can use this data to craft the best marketing strategy.

2) Mark Holidays

You will sway with the crowd and chill off if you don’t know in advance about the upcoming holidays. Just a day before, you’ll learn that tomorrow’s a holiday, and instead of planning for marketing on the holiday beforehand, the holiday will just go to waste as far as marketing is concerned.

The best way to apply this is to compile a list of key holidays in the city that you reside in and integrate them into your marketing calendar. As a result, you’ll always be able to see in advance the upcoming holidays in the coming week or month. Consequently, you will be able to stay ahead of these holidays and never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers on special occasions and holidays.

Holidays can be quite an important time to engage with your customers and offer special discounts and promotions, and using a calendar will greatly help you with that.

3) Plan Your Campaign

It’s said that ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. This couldn’t be truer in marketing. It’s crucial for you to have a strong plan when marketing.  You should use your calendar to have a bird’s eye view of the plan. Mark important events and start/end of campaigns.

Similarly, a combined calendar for all your marketing team encourages collaboration and helps in easily dividing duties among team members. Moreover, you’ll be able to effectively manage a combination of different types of content that you post. Articles, videos, pictures, etc. should all be used while marketing.

By doing that you make sure that the customers aren’t bored with one kind of content and keep engaging. By using a calendar to plan out content, you’ll also be able to ensure fresh content that is different from the previous week.