5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attend Grad School

Grad School

There are more and more degree holders around the world, so undergraduates are not as privileged as they used to be.

Below is some food for thought for you to consider before enrolling in a grad school.

Academic life is boring

Not everyone can live up to the standard of an academic professional. Advancing one’s studies from a bachelor’s degree seems to be exciting, only if one can manage to publish academic articles regularly, attend academic conferences for networking, and apply for grants to further develop the research.

Your life is made up of all but an academic flora because a life in the graduate school is, unlike a university fresher, exhausting for what you have to achieve academically in a year or two, not to mention repetitive discussions on the same topic in different conferences.

Reputation matters

As a student preparing for advanced academic studies, you will find out that the prestige of a university brings people more opportunities to apply for research grants and get their academic articles published in well-known journals.

Your own academic qualification matters, but the reputation of your university matters more. You can get involved in different academic conferences if your university is well-established enough to build up partnerships with other universities.

Chances are, it is more likely for you to have no access to find a publication to get your articles involved if you come from an unknown university.

High social cost

Some say studying in university is more than reading books and attending classes, but the truth is that being a graduate student demands most of your leisure time for research and networking with scholars.

A good education comes with a high social cost, not least your time for a Friday night out. There is an array of social clubs for you to join, but you simply have no time to socialize with people outside of your academic circle if you keep yourself up to the timetable for your thesis.

Time is limited for those pursuing a one-year Master’s degree, so the case is that you have to choose carefully for who you are socialising with.

Unlikely to find a job

Nowadays it is a commonplace for job-mismatch. As our society fails to supply enough job positions that fit for the knowledge economy, the degree-holders tend to apply for jobs which do not require a degree to work.

Worse still, there are only limited job openings which are related to your degrees, and most of the graduate students are more likely to become jobless once they have graduated.

Grad school is not the only platform to learn

Instead of just learning, enrolling in a grad school means you are preparing yourself to produce knowledge for other scholars in the future. If your aim is only to learn, perhaps a grad school is not the best option for you.

Studying in a grad school requires your commitment to show others what you have learnt, and you have to impress the professors by finding topics which no one has researched before. The enjoyment of learning does not come the same way of reading a book without committing to do anything.

Being a grad school student is not as fun as it seems. There are more commitments than expected returns for your future career, if your only aim is to get employed after graduation.